Post 5040 Revamps Website

Matt Klos - Webmaster Post 5040 - 10/10/2017

Welcome to our new Post Website. For those of you that are familiar with our old website, it was time to say goodbye to a static website and move into a space that was more mobile friendly. You'll notice that the layout is very different, but somewhat similar to what the National VFW website looks like. The reason for this is because the provider for both websites is the same company.
If you search other VFW websites, you'll see that there is as much variety and content as Post's themselves. The VFW as a whole is moving to a more unified approach to ensure that our brand is consistent throughout the Posts, Districts, and Departments. One way to help in this capacity was for Post's to utilize the National VFW website solution offered. By using this solution, information can be disseminated quickly to Post websites from District and Department offices. Calendar information can be shared to let members know what is going on. Website information could be more consistent, yet offer individuality to be maintained as far as local content.
This is a work in progress to get all the Posts on board with such a solution and may take months, if not years to adopt this solution. VFW Post 5040 felt this was as good of time as any to get on board. There is a lot of functionality available to us with this solution and it enables our Post to focus more on putting content to the website, not having to worry so much about the back end infrastructure.
I hope you like it. It is a work in progress as we move ahead. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. We are still in the process of moving some of the historical pieces (newsletters, charter information, etc.) to the new format. If you see something missing or have a suggestion, please let us know.